Author: Desiree Mack


Supporting Sleep Well Recycling & Discovering the Surprising Afterlife of Mattresses

April 26, 2024
Sleep Well recycling, owned and operated by Josh Costa and his brother, is Vermont’s only mattress recycling center. This innovative company specializes in converting bulky mattresses and box springs into raw, recyclable materials. By properly recycling these items, Sleep Well recycling diverts them from the landfill, reducing the volume created by throwing them away whole. […] Keep Reading

How You Can Help Us Celebrate Earth Month and Make an Impact!

April 14, 2021
We Celebrate April for Many Reasons… To start, Vermonters get to soak up the sun’s return as we cherish a chance to dethaw after our cold winters. We also welcome April for hints of early blooms as our grounds start to expose themselves displaying promising little blades of green grass amongst all the brown. Ultimately, […] Keep Reading

A Guide to Help You Start Designing for Outdoor!

January 29, 2021
  Here at Burlington Furniture we have started our Spring countdown! As we all know, Summers in Vermont are magical and carving out a space to soak those days up is precious to us all. Therefore, we are ramping up our outdoor section and knowledge in order to be ready for our customers as they […] Keep Reading

3 Rooms You Can Make Guest-Friendly Without Compromising Your Space

October 5, 2020
Space and function are the two most valued aspects when designing our homes. Our biggest questions for every space are: “What do you need this room for?”. and “How will this room work?” Some rooms and needs are obvious like home offices or playrooms.  Home offices are crucial, especially in these times when working from […] Keep Reading

I Discovered the Biggest Mistake We Make When Trying to Improve our Sleep

September 4, 2020
The key to a better night of sleep may be easier to accomplish than you thought! Do you find yourself waking up for the day feeling like you could sleep for several more hours? Maybe you drag yourself out from under your comforter noticing how stiff and creaky your body feels? I definitely experience more […] Keep Reading

Design in the time of Covid-19

June 23, 2020
  Returning to Interior Design with a new Burlington Furniture This past spring has catalyzed so many changes in our lives and communities. Vermont has always been a unique place and living here has always provided endless proud moments when faced with challenging situations #bravelittlestate. Being a part of Vermont has always felt small yet […] Keep Reading
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