Charleston Forge

Forged from creativity and designed for your home, this American-made company has hand made furnishings for every space


About this Collection

Charleston Forge is a small metal working company nestled in the mountains of North Carolina. Bursting with creativity and design through their handmade furniture, their talented craftsmen draw upon blacksmithing and metal work techniques to hand make each piece ordered. Designs and collections range from traditional and timeless to modern and chic offering something for everyone in any space of the home or workplace.

Additionally, Charleston Forge is well known for their custom work abilities and craft. Given the nature of their production, their craftsmen and artisans are able to work closely with all orders and customize with an outstanding attention to detail from start to finish.

Choose from their lines of occasional  pieces and furniture or design your very own! Charleston Forge has the craftsmen and expertise to help you create the perfect additions for your home design.

To learn more about Charleston Forge or to place an order, call us at 802-862-5056 or email us at [email protected].

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 The Charleston Forge Story


Beyond their style and design, Charleston Forge is also a fantastic steward for the environment. Their relationship to the mountains they are located in helps to foster an appreciation for preserving the nature they are surrounded by. To show this dedication they incorporate environmentally focused practices within their company. These practices include: using recycled steel, sustainably sourcing wood from their local Appalachian forests, reducing packaging waste, and utilizing over 90% of their suppliers locally to help minimize the impact of transportation!


Charleston Forge is a small creative company with a big impact on the furniture and design industry for several great reasons. First, their designs and collaborations have brought forth some incredible collections of furniture and occasional tables that are fitting for all styles and homes. Additionally, their available options and custom work abilities make Charleston Forge a great option for creating the perfect piece for your aesthetic. These skills also give the company the means to help small homes dial in on their style as well as work closely with many clients in the hospitality industry. This includes major hotel and restaurant chains, including Starbucks, for whom they have been building community tables for more than four years!


Last but not least, they employ local talent including artisans, craftsmen, and metalsmiths for their forge. They are dedicated to the wellbeing of their employees and keeping the manufacturing of your furniture in their hands from start to finish, right in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

We love carrying companies with not only beautiful furniture, but also those with a commitment to the environment, their local economy, and their employees. In summary, Burlington Furniture is proud to carry Charleston Forge and offer you the opportunity to create something for your home through them!

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