3 Rooms You Can Make Guest-Friendly Without Compromising Your Space

Space and function are the two most valued aspects when designing our homes. Our biggest questions for every space are: “What do you need this room for?”. and “How will this room work?” Some rooms and needs are obvious like home offices or playrooms.  Home offices are crucial, especially in these times when working from home is so prevalent! Furthermore, with Winter on your radars and kids in your homes, playrooms or bonus rooms are literally vital to your sanity i.e. so forts, Legos, and Tik-Tok videos don’t dominate your living room!

Just when you think you’re all set and your home is functioning well for your family; you see the holidays looming ahead (cue Jaws theme song). Your friends or relatives start calling.

Everyone is eager to see you and they’re asking what your plans are. Before you know it (dun dun DUNNNN) you’re hosting


Don’t get us wrong here, we LOVE hosting. However, it can be hard if you don’t have a guest room (or maybe you did but that new #WFH life booted it into something more functional…UGH). Whatever the scenario, we are here to tell you hosting can still happen. How? Two words: Multifunctional Furniture. More specifically, a sleeper sofa, and us designers at Burlington Furniture are here for it.

To clarify though, not just any sleeper sofa. We are talking about American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper. Why? For starters, they are super customizable, actually incredibly comfortable (as a sofa and a bed), and they’re made in Texas. Those guys don’t mess around, y’all. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can visit our site for more info on the Comfort Sleepers where we go into more depth.


For now, we want to share with you how you can host without compromising your space. For this we look to three rooms in your home:

1. Your Office: 

Likely you have a desk and a chair here. Maybe some form of storage already exists like a bookshelf or cabinet that is friendly for guest items by adding a couple baskets. However, this room goes one of two ways usually: maybe it’s a bit tight or maybe you’re wondering what to do with the dead space beyond your immediate work area. This is when the ability to customize is crucial.


Chances are you can fit an armchair. In that event, the Comfort Sleeper sizes start with a cot/twin size bed. This means you don’t have to dedicate a large area and you can still benefit from its versatility without breaking out the cringey air mattress! However, if you have a bit more space to work with go for a Double or maybe a Queen. Either way, when it folds back up you have an awesome seating addition that will look great because you chose the fabric or leather of your dreams and it matches the aesthetic or, more likely, elevates it (wink-wink, nod-nod).


2. Your Bonus Room: 

This is an umbrella term for a playroom, lower level, TV room, or finished attic/basement. Put more clearly,  the room the kids took over so you don’t have to listen to their gaming all day or step on a Lego piece (I can’t type that without making a cringe-face). Yet again, make the room work for your lifestyle and hosting capabilities! The kids need to sit somewhere while playing during the day. Why not make their sofa a Comfort Sleeper so your guests can sleep soundly at night? Usually you can go a bit bigger here for your sofa/mattress size. Queen, Queen Plus (yes, that is a thing), or a King may be a better option for this room’s sizing and your guest’s comfort. You can utilize an awesome performance fabric on this sofa for peace of mind; it can withstand the everyday abuse of kids, yet still look great for guests. There is no losing with this option.


3. Your Living Room:

Yes, we’ve said it before and we will say it again: Living rooms are incredibly useful for overnight hosting. This is true only if you have the right sleeper and luckily the Comfort Sleepers make excellent, every day, comfy sofa. Given your layout you can opt for a king here or you can do a sectional! Every style the Comfort Sleepers have (which is like 15 FYI) offer sectional pieces and varying mattress options so you can build this family sofa to work for your space and offer a sleeping option that works for your guests. Also, they have storage chaises. Yes, we get goosebumps hearing that too. Check them out!


Balancing home-life, work, kids, and hosting all under the same roof doesn’t have to feel like an impossible balancing act. The solution is right in your home and by incorporating a Comfort Sleeper you won’t lose space, functionality, or sanity. However, you gain an incredibly customizable sofa, a bed in any size (seriously, check out that Queen-Plus option), and the ability to host comfortably whenever! #DoubleDuty

So break out the measuring tape or book one of our designers. Time to get a Comfort Sleeper!

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