Timeless designs blending unique and foundational styles for a creative and effortless aesthetic


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Designed for simplicity and functionality, Ethnicraft brings timeless furniture and accessories to your home. Drawing on clean, Scandinavian design and incorporating durability, these creative collections will add purpose and design to every space in your home.

Based in Belgium, Ethnicraft provides an authenticity and simplicity to your aesthetic. Blend in their collections into every style and room effortlessly.

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Founded in Belgium 25 years ago, Ethnicraft has dedicated their time to adding functionality and design to your home. Inspired by a trip to Indonesia, founder, Philippe Delaisse partnered up with likeminded designers in Antwerp to build a company producing collections filled with character, quality, and outstanding craftsmanship. 


Moreover, natural textiles are utilized when crafting pieces to ensure durability and quality. Fibers such as cotton, wool and Belgian linen are chosen for enhancing Ethnicraft’s designs and quality pieces. Fillers include sustainable and consciously sourced duck down. From the best weaving yarns to the the natural filling, all aspects are Oeko-tex 100 labeled ensuring the end product is free of chemicals and harmful substances.

Distinguishing themselves through their authentic and durable furniture, Ethnicraft brings simplicity, creativity, and sustainability to every room of your home.


Innovation is a core value along with timelessness and sustainability. Through working primarily with solid wood, Ethnicraft is able to create pieces that are durable and age beautifully while maintaining their function and design. All wood is sustainably sourced through carefully managed forests including their Teak collections. Everything is 100% FSC Certified and FSC CoC certified so to ensure sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.



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