A Guide to Help You Start Designing for Outdoor!


Here at Burlington Furniture we have started our Spring countdown! As we all know, Summers in Vermont are magical and carving out a space to soak those days up is precious to us all. Therefore, we are ramping up our outdoor section and knowledge in order to be ready for our customers as they design their very own backyard oasis. 

So, our question for you is: are you ready to make your dream patio a reality? To help, we have provided here a list of questions and prompts our designers use to guide our customers through our outdoor furniture. These are our top questions asked in order to find the pieces that best fit their needs. Therefore, we have made them available for you to read through so you can get a jump start on your backyard escape! 


Where is Your Outdoor Space Located?


Are you near a lake? Up on a hill?


If so, you might experience windy conditions regularly that will count lighter weight furniture and some types of umbrellas out. Parasols and shady spots can be easily and safely included by using companies such as Tuuci. The benefit of using parasols by Tuuci is not only confidence in your product but also adding the unique style and shade that is crucial to your outdoor set up.



Will your furniture be poolside?

If so, you will want to find materials and colors that will hold up against direct sun and chlorine. Fading is real thing!  Companies such as Brown Jordan and Cane-Line design their pieces to hold up to the rigors of summer fun with style!


Do you plan on using this furniture in the winter months?

If so, you will need something heavier like teak to withstand the cold so you can enjoy a warm winter firepit after a day of skiing. This Peacock Chair is our favorite for providing a teak base with a cozy feel that you can curl up into. Hot toddies anyone? 


What Will Be The Function Of Your Space?


Are you creating a cozy sitting area?


If you are envisioning somewhere to drink your morning coffee or share a pitcher of margaritas with your friends, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First, is an outdoor sofa or sectional from Cane-Line or LEE allowing you to find that cozy living room feel outside under your cabana or garden parasol. Second, is a bar cart! They can be small and helpful or big and hard working. Which ever style or size fits your needs you can be sure you’re not skimping on aesthetics with the collections we carry.


Do you need an area to eat at  when it is just too hot in the kitchen


You may want to consider a bistro table and chairs from Fermob or even a larger teak outdoor dining table from Brown Jordan depending on the size of your family or hosting habits.


Are you looking to bask in the sun?


Lounge chairs or chaises side tables may be best suited for warm days soaking up that vitamin D. Explore personal preferences with removable cushions or woven soft materials for these lounge pieces for ultimate chilling.



Bottom Line


Designing your own little outdoor oasis can be really fun but also we know it is a lot of think about. Let us help you make it an enjoyable process to look forward to! Furthermore, now is the time to consider these days and order to be ready for the sun! Despite how it may feel right now, Winter won’t last forever. Therefore, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our designers or stop by the store for expert help; we will guide you through the designing your own backyard escape for the warmer days ahead! Check out all our outdoor lines here!

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