An oasis of comfort and productivity, the X-Chair is the perfect fit for you and your office where ever it may be


About this Collection

No matter where you work from, the X-Chair offers a versatile and extraordinary design fitting both your body and your space! Their exclusive technologies offer unique functions providing the ergonomic feel your back and and body benefits from all day long.

Whether you are in an office or working from home, complete body wellness is more important now than ever. Optimize your home office or workspace with an X-Chair to enhance your focus, productivity, energy, and comfort.

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 The X-Chair Story


Office Chairs that are Part of the Team

You and your employees work hard for your company. Your office chairs should work just as hard for you. X-Chair’s ergonomic design facilitates movement and improved circulation, which increases focus and productivity. Their Infinite Recline allows for easy recline, facilitating motion that keeps the body and mind stimulated. Improved circulation leads to greater focus and clearer thought throughout the day. Imagine what you and your office can accomplish in the X-Chair!


An Oasis of Comfort and Productivity

10 ergonomic adjustments allow you to fit the X-Chair to your body. Multiple material and color options let you design the X-Chair to fit your office aesthetic. Additionally, SciFloat Infinite Recline facilitates motion throughout the day, which keeps your body more comfortable and your mind more focused on the task at hand. Whether you work 2 hours a day or 10, X-Chair will help you stay productive. 

Quality craftsmanship, superior materials and an industry-leading 15-year warranty make X-Chair an excellent investment for any office. Add the X-Chair’s sleek design and affordable price and X-Chair will have your office functioning smoother than ever.


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