Lee Industries

High quality home furnishings that make a large impact on your space, but a small impact on the environment.


About this Collection

For 50 years, LEE Industries has been designing and manufacturing quality furniture in North Carolina with a focus on craftsmanship, style, and the environment.  

With offerings for every room of a home, each piece is completely customizable from sizes to coverings and are meticulously constructed with attention to detail. 

Whatever your aesthetic dream and style may be, achieve it with LEE Industries’ clean and timeless quality home furnishings.

To learn more about LEE’s collection or to place an order, call us at 802-862-5056 or email us at [email protected].

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LESS is More at LEE Industries

With all of LEE’s domestic suppliers, most of them are found right in North Carolina (hello local employment!). This drastically reduces their CO2 footprint contributing to their sustainable processes. Their environmental approach has been the focal point of this company since their inception. Initiating waste reduction and recycling at every step of their manufacturing, LEE can achieve recycling a remarkable 95% of their waste!

Furthermore, NaturalLEE practices have become standard for all of their products by eliminating chloro-fluoro carbons (CFC’s), providing supremely comfortable cushions crafted by recycled plastic bottles (one back cushion contains 116 bottles!), saving 64 gallons of crude oil/day in their processes, as well as donating over 142,515 trees to American Forests.


LEE Industries has been paving the way for furniture and design by building a business focused on giving back in every step of their operations. Their emphasis on the people, their products, and their practices has created an innovative and successful company Burlington Furniture is proud to carry.

From revitalizing a town in North Carolina by supporting their highly skilled craftsmen to their enduring environmental commitment and everything in between, LEE industries is constantly innovating furniture design and manufacturing practices. Well known for creating timeless styles and high-quality home furnishings, LEE Industries is also known for their 100% Made in the USA manufacturing. This mission has contributed to their employees, their vendors (including us!), their customers, and the environment.

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