Vacation at home and luxuriate in the shade of Tuuci outdoor parasols, shades, and cabanas. Customize for your perfect backyard escape.


About this Collection

Tuuci provides luxury shading options transforming outdoor spaces into comfortable desitinations. Although they may have humble beginnings, they have developed into a global brand while keeping their roots in Florida. Known world wide for their parasols and shading elements, Tuuci has supplied homes as well as commercial and hospitality environments with eye catching, luxury outdoor additions. Now you can sip on the sunshine from under the safety of a beautiful Tuuci umbrella through Burlington Furniture!

Tuuci’s line of outdoor products are designed and crafted right out of Miami by their team of talented, passionate and innovative professionals. Their company focuses not only on relaxation but on adventure as well. Their products are the proof and provide the ultimate oasis and backyard escape while also designed for enduring extreme elements and weather. Tested in the most exposed places on earth, Tuuci loves to push their products to the limit! You can rest comfortably under the shade of a Tuuci product and enjoy its gorgeous eye catching designs and features in your own mini vacation from home.

Choose from their lines of parasols and shade sculptures and customize it for a commercial setting or your backyard oasis.

To learn more about Tuuci or to place an order, call us at 802-862-5056 or email us at [email protected].

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 The Tuuci Story


Vacation at Home…

Today, Tuuci parasols and cabanas can be found shading resorts and boutique escapes worldwide. Now, right from Burlington, you can take a piece of that vacation ambiance home to the back yard from our supply of Tuuci products in our store. Furthermore, you can order exactly what you need and customize finish, color and accents to tailor your outdoor oasis. 


Life Outside

For over 20 years Tuuci has been designing products for outdoor lifestyle solutions. Founded and built right in Miami, this family-started company has dedicated themselves to creating durable, beautiful, serviceable shade products. Their roots have grown from their first 100 umbrellas to a line of products that enhance outdoor commercial and hospitality environments, or simply improve time spent outdoors right at home.


Safe and Comfortable Space

Outdoor umbrellas define safe space and serve as a visual marker for open hospitality. This has always been necessary but it has never been more crucial than now to define and provide a comforting and safe environment for your guests. Additionally, the escape from the sun’s rays while still enjoying the outdoors creates a sense of calm and relaxation for everyone.  Increase functional square footage while carrying the comfort and design focus of the interior outdoors with elevated shade and comfortable distance.

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