I Discovered the Biggest Mistake We Make When Trying to Improve our Sleep

The key to a better night of sleep may be easier to accomplish than you thought!

Do you find yourself waking up for the day feeling like you could sleep for several more hours? Maybe you drag yourself out from under your comforter noticing how stiff and creaky your body feels? I definitely experience more of the former, but back pain is creeping in on me and for most it already exists (oh no!). Does “You should do more yoga” and how about “try less screen time before bed” sound familiar? Great tips, but do we ever actually follow through? Turns out we don’t need to work on our down dog and crow pose. Upon doing some digging here, I’ve found the common denominator of these issues is even more obvious and easy to tackle than switching up your entire bedtime routine. Time to wake up because I’ve got answers here!


(I think a lot of us could relate to this at some point)


Probably like you, I am a huge fan of sleep, sleeping, my bed, and more sleep. But also like you, I am an absolute stranger to the world of mattresses and how massive of an impact a mattress has on our quality of sleep. Doesn’t that sound kinda silly when you put it that way? However, the silliness continues; most people (including you and me) actually sleep on the wrong mattress EVERY. Single. Night! Meaning a mattress that doesn’t even fit their body. By “fit” I am not talking about size (because don’t we all want a king?), I’m talking about determining factors that are so subjective to each individual. It was a lot to digest when I sat down with Burlington Mattress owner, Mark and our in-house sleep guru, Bill to get the 411 on mattresses and realized how mine, and most likely yours too, sucks. #sorrynotsorry   #mondaysdontsuckyourmattressdoes


Outlining what is bothering you and keeping you from feeling less than rested each morning is where Bill likes to start when discussing your quality of sleep (or lack there of). What are the contributing factors and why are you here? Does your lower back hurt? Are there pressure points? Are you waking up feeling totally drained after what you would consider to be a good chunk of time “sleeping”? There are likely a couple indicators in there pointing to where your struggles are stemming from.


Bill also likes to figure out what kind of sleeper you are before getting too far. We found out I am a belly sleeper, meaning (exactly as it sounds) I like to sleep on my stomach. More common are side and back sleepers. The position you like to take when sleeping is a big indicator to Bill where problems may be arising with your current mattress and what kind of support you need from your future mattress, whether you realize it or not! 

(This is not how you demo mattresses… but it is how us belly sleepers look!)


When it is time to try a mattress or two, Bill has a clear idea where to take you based off conversationally gleaned indicators, referenced pain points, body conformation, comfort preferences, and the list goes on for this professional. Burlington Mattress takes your health seriously and it shows when talking about the importance of a proper fitting mattress,

“There is just sleep and then there is actual quality of sleep.
Everyone knows the three main aspects to wellness and staying healthy: diet, exercise, and SLEEP. We all focus on diet and exercise but totally forget about the quality of our sleep although it is a huge contributor to our wellbeing.” as Bill pointed out.

As a sleep deprivation perpetrator, I truly felt like he hit the nail on the head and absolutely showed me just how important a proper fitting mattress is when trying to accomplish a better night of sleep! Now I definitely want to experience the process of buying a personally suited mattress.


(We have a lot of mattresses to go through here)


This walk through with Mark and Bill just may be the thing we need for catching quality Z’s. Keep following for that insight and the best advice I can offer up as I explore the world of mattresses and wellness! Until then, head over to Burlington Mattress to check out our promos happening for the Labor Day week and sign up for our eblasts to stay current on the next sale period.

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