Little Italy!

There's furniture, and then there's Italian Furniture... The distinction speaks for itself. Explore our Italian furniture makers and discover our own "Little Italy" right in Burlington!


Benvenuti in Italia!

From beautifully simplistic lines and low profiles to fun pops of color and trendsetting styles, Italian furniture has always paved the way for the interior design industry. Attention to detail, craft, quality materials and artwork of design all combine to create some of the most timeless and cutting edge styles. These characteristics define what it means to be an Italian furniture maker, setting the notable divide between a living room sofa and an Italian sofa.

The distinction of Italian quality in furniture keeps us wanting to provide our favorite crafters to our local community in pursuit of extending our appreciation of design to your home.

Explore our Italian furniture makers below and discover our own “Little Italy” right in Burlington Vermont. 



Explore Our Italian Vendors

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