Nicoletti & Calia

A unique seating collection offering distinctly Italian quality and style for your home


About this Collection

Nicoletti and Calia delivers an Italian experience through their unique and modern furniture. Distinct in their contemporary designs, sofas are offered in fabric and fine leather options. Superior comfort, quality, and sustainable materials are what this Italian company strives to deliver through their contemporary furnishings crafted entirely in Italy.

Break from the old world and relax into the luxury of the revolutionary Nicoletti and Calia Italian furniture. Embrace the beauty of Italian modern design.

To learn more about the Nicoletti and Calia collection or to place an order, call us at 802-862-5056 or email us at [email protected].

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Having originated in 1965 from Matera in the Southern Italian region of Bascilicata, both Nicoletti Home and Cali Italia are characterized by similar values. They meticulously source only the best materials with sustainability and quality in mind for their discerning designers and clients. Through their focus on contemporary design and comfort, Nicoletti & Calia were able to produce this collection displaying their most premier products.


When two Italian companies partner up and combine their 50 years of designing fine upholstered leather sofas, Nicoletti and Calia is created to produce an exclusive collection entirely crafted in Italy. Both Nicoletti Home and Calia Italia brought their design and manufacturing experience together to push their innovation and lead the way for contemporary Italian furniture.  


Nicoletti and Calia is unique in their lines and supportive of their Italian heritage through 100% Italian based manufacturing ensuring quality, durability, and beauty.

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