Style in Motion

Where motion is the muse, American Leather provides sensational reclining collections offering you endless arrangement possibilities for you and your home


About This Collection

Relax into a collection of motion sofas with American Leather’s Style in Motion series. Offering you effortless and motorized reclining options for every seat. 

Take full control of your space and optimize your seating with motion pieces for chairs, sofas, sectionals and even Comfort Sleeper arrangements.

Check out the full catalog of series and collections for a taste of refined relaxation.

Each is available in range of colors, fabrics, and styles.To learn more about the American Leather® collection or to place your order, call us at 802-862-5056 or email us at [email protected].

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 Relaxation Refined

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Where “Motion is the Muse”, explore all the Style in Motion series and customize the perfect arrangement for your space in multiple ways…


First, you can pick and choose which pieces you would like to be motorized and where they will be placed. This leaves you with complete control of your comfort!


Second, American Leather offers you a variety of sectional pieces and options so you are not restricted. Pick and choose from different widths and sectional styles to create the perfect arrangement. Moreover, options include their American Leather Comfort Sleeper beds. Available as an addition to your Style-in-Motion sofa or sectional. 


Lastly, cover your personalized Style in Motion seating in your choice of fabric or leather provided through dozens of options for each category. Additionally, American Leather offers amazing protective coverings through well known brands. Namely, Crypton Fabrics, Sunbrella, Ultrasuede and more.


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